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The carbon dioxide absorption technique No 4

Published 1944

A technical film (part of a series) apparently aimed at the inexperienced anaesthetist. This video explains the principles of the carbon dioxide absorption technique and demonstrates the two methods in use: single-phase absorption and closed-circuit or two-phase absorption. Firstly the principle of absorption is illustrated using diagrams. Next the equipment is shown being prepared a canister is shown. An anaesthetist is shown preparing a patient nitrous oxide and ether are discharged into the breathing aparatus. The anaesthetist has to observe the patient's breathing bag carefully to monitor the patient's air supply. The methodology for using closed-circuit anaesthesia is more complex and requires the clinician to calibrate the machinery carefully the advantage of this methodology is that a suitable level of anaesthesia can be maintained. Ends suddenly no credits. 4 segments

Run time 0:16:30
Producer Wellcome Library
Production Company Directed by Yvonne Fletcher, Photographed by A. E. Jeakins, Diagrams by Diagram Films Ltd. Produced by Realist Film Unit. Made with the co-operation of the Department of Anaesthetics, Westminister Hospital, London.
Sponsor Westminister Hospital
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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